02 September 2011

Greetings from the Studio

Hello from western New York, East Aurora.

The weather here is far more to my liking, yet after four years in the south of Pennsylvania, the lack of humidity and city-scented air is quite welcome. I think I almost forgot how green and fresh the gardens and field smelled!
Well, my borrowed studio space is just right here, and I have even acquired new gear for use in the studio at home, so I am rather excited. My father found the time and the interest to make me a custom desk, with a wonderful, natural wood frame, able to be dismantled for transportation convenience! I wish I could lug back this sturdy, antique leather, wood, and metal epic of a chair, but I'm affraid the size won't do for the car, nor the bare space left in it, once the time comes. Still, these types are rare, and wonderful!

And yes, Rembrandt is looking at you too...
Lugh takes command of the side table and materials...

Below are provided some sneak peeks at the action; I'm enjoying it so far!

This is how I work with my thumbnails/rough sketching stage; I enjoy writing and language, as I enjoy reading and research, so my visual notes tend to be fairly equal to the amount of written notes I make. I find this particular form of scrawling, diagram-like notes I have is a process which greatly helps my thinking through what I want to do, and how, and why. I also tend to re-doodle things - comparatively larger, smaller, differently. Also, at this stage, making things deliberately small seems to flow best for me.

These sample pages from my big idea book are containing seven paintings, three of which are a part of two different series projects in addition. Ah! So much stuff to do!

My Thick Idea Book, page 1

Page 2
Page 3

Here is one of the works in progress, including roughs:

Private Commemorative Commission, Graphite, 2011.

Be well and keep the creativity clear.
Until more next time,


  1. Everything is looking nice.
    Always did like your linework.

  2. I love that sketchbook - it was the very first book of yours which I flipped through, and so full of gorgeous thoughts, progressions, ideas and intents! The book itself is as much a thing of beauty as each of its contents.

    Also, Hangbelly here is doing the same to my writing as Thornbush does to your art. Catbum on my notebook. Again. Sigh.

  3. It is a very thick book, of terribly thin pages, with quite a worn leather binding that is all marked up now. And it goes everywhere! Everywhere...

    So handy, and too far ahead of me on the projects, I'm afraid.

  4. Oh yes, and cats are such "helpers", aren't they? (Rhetorical silliness.)