31 October 2010

2nd Picture Book Dummy Thumbnails

As I mentioned on my facebook business page [Mairin-Taj Caya Illustration], I shall keep the story to myself for now, but this here is an example of my process for sorting through and getting a feel for the type of imagery in a book dummy layout. This one will be 32 pages content, vertical, watercolor media, etc.
I use general line or box structure for placement of the text in relation to the areas of illustration, be it spot/vignette, single page, or double page spread.
It is a highly fun and expressive process involving layered ideas. It also can be quite tricky to get the flow right.

 2nd book dummy spread, Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.


  1. I don't think I kept my thumb nails bummer

  2. The thumbnails are almost as much fun as the color comps! I ought to get you a box of green pencils to do corrections in...