19 October 2010

Part IV, The Final Stage

Watercolor finish, the Court Boy. Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.
This is the finish in watercolor which I managed, at least in part, to be satisfied with.
When it comes to painting, I find my desired aesthetic not yet achieved. This work has an all-around youthful, child-like cheer which rather startled me upon completion. Still, I think I made some technical improvements.
Unfortunately, the scanner was just slightly too small for the whole, and so I ended up with an inch or so cut off on either side. I will look to improve this error where I can.


  1. Where are you heading towards, in terms of painting?

    Do you know how to do the two part scan for larger images?

  2. Good question.
    I really value the crisp and lyrical application of a combination of professionals; Alan Lee, Charles Santore, and PJ Lynch to name the big ones. I also value the ability some illustrators have with using a combination of oils and watercolor in the breadth of their work. I have dabbled in both of these with pleasure, and would like to build on both of them as best I can.
    As for your other question, I have heard of the process, yet have not done it myself yet. I plan to.

  3. Whenever I found the Toadstools pub, this guy is hanging on the wall. He'll be very much at home there.

  4. As a later response to Helaine here, I do know how to scan in two parts now, and I really need to re-scan this guy! He is sorely lacking in a good presentation, I'm afraid.

    To Mal,
    I look forward to arranging something with you then!