22 October 2010

Taking Visual Notes

Plate armor study, graphite. Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.
The good humour of a friend indulged my interest in drawing from their admirable armor and arms collection. Long story short, I managed a few hours in front of a mid to northern European, probably 13th century, plate armor suit and helm.
Although I had to cut my fun time short, I still got a good first experience out of the time I did have, as I have never explored plate armor before, let alone from life.
Here is one example in graphite.
I dabbled in my excitement around the endless blobs and curves of reflection. I even have myself wedges in the waste somewhere. The play of light with contour was fascinating. I also found myself editing content out as I went, where surrounding fabric and shadow cut in.
I have left the sketch exploratory and "incomplete", one might say, for now. If it works out, I will do more from life soon.
I have another not yet scanned.


  1. This is what it means to research! Gather your information and go out there and search for what you need! John Howe did this for whenever he needed the right reference. It's about getting it right.

  2. Quite right, Emily. And indeed what a fun way to research! Thanks for the comment.

  3. Not only lovely sketches, but a very amusing place to find armor! I've tried that armor on, and I can tell you - it definitely wasn't made for ken-do!

    I do hope that I can forge you some decent references in times to come. John Howe recommended to me the Companie of St. George, and I have to say I'm tempted to make it a goal.