15 October 2010

A Starting Place

Ever since I was young, through my fascination with mythology, largely Celtic, and the broad domain of story-telling, I have been developing the skill to illuminate texts and ideas. The great expanse of history, both in time and ethnicity, is a prime source of inspiration. 
I am also encouraged by heroes such as the watercolorists Heyer, Howe, Lee, Lippincott, Lynch, Rackham, Rayyan, and Santore, and the oil/acrylic painters Abbey, the Dillons, Giancola, Leyendecker, again Lynch, Manchess, N.C. Wyeth, Palencar, Parkes, Parrish, Pyle, and Rockwell, to name a few.
I am aiming high, and I have a long way to go to get the technical imprint that I am after, but keeping that creative fire going is the point. 

From a favored poet I know, "Impressions inform your wildcraft". 
I am working on mine, to be sure. 

"The Reluctant Dragon" by Maxfield Parrish
Note: I love the philosophical implications here, the idea of the Dragon Value being friends with and faced up to by Man, the Creator. I love that Dragon can be seen as the archetype for Quality composite, that which represents the highest and the most noble in ourselves, and therefore what we can accomplish through life.


  1. Wildcraft, indeed! I suppose he's a favored poet of mine, as well.

    Yes - Man creates the Dragon, yet the Dragon embodies that fire which drives Man to create. Interesting that Dragons once were symbols of fear, and now...look what we can do with them!

  2. Mal,
    Agreed. I find the Dragon a great archetype to re-work and stretch. I should very much enjoy to expand on that philosophy with it. Here's to responsible creativity!