24 October 2010

Renaissance Fair Fun

Lead singer of the Empty Hats Carl Asch, performing Giacomo's Love Ballads, PA Renaissance Festival, October 23rd, 2010. Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.
Just this past Saturday, the 23rd, I had the pleasure of perusing around the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival with a couple of friends.
I went with the particular interest of catching a few performances of a favorite band called the Empty Hats, and towards the end of the evening I managed a few minutes of quick gesture sketching to capture a bit of their lead singer, Carl Asch, also known as Giacomo the Jester.  I hope I didn't put him off as he was performing his Love ballads, and I would like to convey here that I found them most effectively strummed and pleasant to listen to.
Anyways, here is my slightly more cleaned up version of the doodle, though not as well informed as I would like.


  1. Mairin-Taj! This is W√ľnderbar! I don't really like the Renaissance Fair but it's a great place to sketch! You are my Alan Lee and my J.C. Leyendecker! My compatible artist!

  2. What a compliment, Emily, thank you. I don't think I am quite there, yet. I appreciate the support, though.

  3. Carl has your card now, by the way - also, you might wish to sketch their new fiddler. Sharp-looking lad, he went to school with their last fiddler (they do go through a number of fiddlers) who is actually on tour with Blackmore's Night at present.

  4. Incidentally, I have also appropriated this sketch as a character in Summons...and Carl's character, for that matter. Neither of you have a say in it. : D