19 October 2010

Part III

Color Comp, thumbnail with watercolor. Mairin-Taj Caya 2010.
This is the color comp stage of the project, which I completed in my usual uncertainty about the application of the paint in the following stage.
While it is a joy and a thrill to draw in any manor, I am as yet highly apprehensive about adding color to my work.


  1. I adore your little color comps! If you still have the Toad King ones, you should keep them for posterity - I would like to frame them with the original someday, in my office.

  2. You know, I was recently thinking about those little comps, and I do still have a bunch of them. They have become a kind of ritual playtime for the painting process of any given work. Many of them, mostly. I didn't do a miniature comp for my latest piece, and that turned out well.

    I don't tend to do the comps out of a panicked state regarding the upcoming coloring stage, I just find it soothing and initiatory for bringing in the watercolors. They are also so small, about an inch or so, that scribbling some color in them really loosens up the occasional imposing anticipation of putting down the first layers at the full scale.

    I think I will start a collection. Some day maybe they will look all faded and antique in a little box.